Product Overview

The EM 215ic is a MIG and Flux-Cored welder manufactured by ESAB, boasting compatibility with both 120V and 230V input voltage, a lightweight and easily portable design and an easy to read LED voltage and amperage display. As with other products manufactured by ESAB this also includes their 3 year warranty on all welding units, and 6 month warranty on all guns.

Not to be confused with the Rebel EMP 215ic, which is a multiprocess welder (MIG/TIG/Stick). We have reviewed the unit, which you can read here.


16 Inches (406mm)
23 Inches (584mm)
9 Inches (229mm)
Input Voltage
Welding Processes
MIG/Flux Cored
Product Weight
Voltage Range
10-26 VDC
Wire Feed Speed
1.5-12.1 m/min
Max Spool Diameter
100 & 200mm
Max Material Thickness
2/8 In (9.5mm)
Voltage Tolerance
120V Duty Cycle
20% @ 130A
240V Duty Cycle
25% @ 205A

Overview of Features

Lightweight and Portable: Weighing an impressive 40lbs unboxed (18.14kg), this unit is easily portable compared to similar models on the market.

Dual Voltage Inputs: Supporting both 230V and 120V inputs, you can use this welder on a commercial site or on a home power input (at reduced output if input is 120V).

IP23S Protection Class: According to DSMT, IP23S protection means this machine prevents solids as small as fingers from being exposed to hazardous parts (e.g., electrical conductors, moving parts). It also resists harmful ingress of water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60° from the vertical shall have no harmful effect. Although not water or dust proof, this level of protection is reassuring and shows ESAB has ensured longevity in this machine.

Digital LED Display: A simple and easy to read interface which displays current voltage and amperage of the unit. A great feature if in direct sunlight or a dark working environment as you can still read the display.

5 Handle Roll Cage: 5 Handles on this welder allow you to carry it with ease, and it’s durable casing prevents damage if dropped/fallen from a work surface.

3 Year Warranty: ESAB offers a 3 year warranty on their machines, and 6 months on GMAW/GTAW torches. Spare parts also have a 6 month warranty as standard.

Smart MIG: An interesting feature which is meant to make welding easier for novice and expert welders. It adapts to your technique ensuring predictable arc behaviour, therefore increasing productivity and learning time for novice welders.


Will this welder suit my needs?

With a minimum output of 5A and maximum of 240A, this model is capable of welding 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) in a single pass. Perfect for a wide range of industries such as agricultire, automotive, HVAC and Civil construction to name a few. The Smart MIG feature is also perfect for beginners, and with such a high output amperage this welder will keep up with the requirements as you work with thicker metals.

It’s also spool gun ready which means you can weld Aluminum with this machine. This model also has a relatively good duty cycle, which will be enough for light to medium fabrication. It wouldn’t be great for heavy duty shop work, and a better spec model would be a better suit. However the price range does reflect this and is great value for money, considering the specification, warranty and capability of this unit.


What’s in the Box?

  • ESAB MXL 200 MIG torch with euro connector
  • Electrode and return cable kits
  • 200 mm spool OK Aristorod 12.50 0.8 mm wire
  • 4.5 m gas hose with quick connector
  • Contact tips and drive rolls for 0.6 – 1.0 mm wire
  • ESAB Rebel EM 215ic Manual


Add-on Products

Tweco Spool Gun

Tweco SG160REB Spool Gun
Nescessary to MIG weld. A 12ft (3.6m) 160A Spool gun.

ESAB Ground Clamp

ESAB WS200G Ground Clamp
An upgraded ground clamp. Better quality and feel!

Victor Regulator

Victor Regulator
Argon regulator gauge

ESAB Rebel Utility Cart

ESAB Utility Cart
Convenient utility cart


The model reviewed in this article is a fantastic piece of equipment, if you’re on the market for a MIG/Flux-Cored machine it’s a great piece of equipment to own. It ticks every box a beginner/medium welder will have, with the only notable downsides is the fairly short duty cycle and the need to purchase a spool gun seperately for welding Aluminum.

In this price range the duty cycle seems to be fairly standard, and even with higher range units require a spool gun to be purchased seperately. Despite this I find it hard to fault and will serve you well for many years, even if your requirements grow over time.