Hobart Welder Review 2019

With so many different brands to choose from, it can be hard seperating the wheat from the chaff. Our in depth analysis of each machine provide an in-depth analysis of each unit available on the market, helping you decide which unit and accessories will fit your needs.

Established since 1917 and offering a wide range of tools and accessories for a wide range of industries it’s become a well known name, easily recognizable by their signature orange branding. With such a large amount of time under their belt, it’s no surprise they’re a well recognised and trusted name in the industry.

A notable feature of all their manufacutred products is the 5/3/1 warranty as standard. Depending if you want to use products for industrial or home usage will change the amount of coverage, as well as the type of product purchased (such as accessories). However the coverage offered is generous should you have any problems.


TIG Welder

We have taken the time to test many of their TIG models, such as *X* and *Y*. If you’re on the market and want to find the best machine for your needs, check out our articles below.

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MIG Welder Review

We have also reviewed products from their MIG range. The units we’ve had experience with so far have been easily portable, and a perfect selection of machines to suit a variety of needs. Check out the full articles below:

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Where are the Welders Made?

According to their website, the vast majority are produced in Appleton, Wisconsin, United States. The exception to this is the Stickmate 160i/210i and the Handler 100 which are produced outside of the United States.


Where is their Welding School Located?

Named the “Institute of Welding Technology” it’s located in 400 Trade Square E, Troy, OH 45373. Boasting a 90.3% pass rate between 2015 and 2016 it’s not surprising how students average a salery just below $50,000 after graduation. For more information you can find the official website at welding.org.