Lincoln Welder Reviews

Lincoln Electric has a presence in over 160 countries as well as many different sectors such as welding equipment, consumables, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting equipment as well as robotic welding systems. The company was founded in 1895 with a $200 investment as a one man operation. There is a company history page detailing major events from it’s beginning to the current day which is an interesting read.

The foundation is a non-profit organization started in 1936 encouraging the public to pursue welding as a career and encourage welding to be the primary method of joining two metals together.

A three year warranty is standard on all machines sold, including parts and labour. A one year warranty on gas flow regulators and 90 day warranty on the gun and cable is standard which also includes parts and labour. You can purchase an extended warranty on your welder which is listed in their price list.


MIG Welder Reviews

The Weld-Pak units are a great all round solution, providing a versatile range of features allowing you to weld with gassless flux-cored wire or with a shielding gas. These machines come with a gun cable and assembly, work clamp and cable, welding handshield, chipping hammer/brush and a spool on self shielding flux-cored wire.

We have tested and multiple Weld Pak units, which you can find below:

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The Power MIG range is targeted at heavier applications such as agriculture, fabrication, automotive/backyard mechanic. Designed with portability and functionality in mind, these models generally are compatible with 240V input voltage for maximum output voltage. Therefore you can weld a large variety of metal thicknesses, with a great duty cycle.

We have been able to test a number of models from the popular PowerMIG range, which you can read here.

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Square Wave Welders

This is the TIG welder range getting it’s name from the type of polarity change between positive and negative electrode. The two types are sine and square wave, where a sine wave is a gradual change between positive and negative. A square wave will instantly change between positive and negative, producing a more stable arc and allowing you to produce better welds.


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