Product Overview

The Square Wave 200 is an award winning welder boasting a feature packed and easy to use unit, whilst also being affordable.  It can be difficult finding an all round machine, especially if you’re working with a tight budget however the Square Wave 200 may be for you! I also found this model easy to setup, which made it a breeze before I could begin welding which is great as I was excited to use it.

This particular model has also won a Global Media Award at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas. It’s certainly a great all round machine, perfect for craftsmen, small shop fabricators, motorsports and hobbyists.


14 in. (358mm)
19.25 in. (502mm)
10.75 in. (282mm)
Welding Processes
AC/DC TIG, Stick
Product Weight
Amperage Range
30-230 A
Input Voltage

Overview of Features

AC Frequency Adjust: You can adjust the frequency to change the profile of the bead, a higher frequency results in a more focused bead whereas a lower frequency results in a wider bead. You can adjust the range from 60Hz – 150Hz in order to achieve your desired bead profile.

AC Balance: Another useful feature is lowering the AC balance to change the arc characteristic. You can change the Electrode Negative percentage, between 60% – 90%. A lower AC Balance (% Electrode Negative) results in an arc with increased cleaning action. Therefore a higher AC Balance (% Electrode Negative) results in an arc with higher penetration and lower cleaning action.

Pulse: Allows you to moderate filler metal deposition by modifying the amount of pulses per second (0.1-20/second). A lower pulse helps moderate filler metal deposition, whilst a higher pulse frequency manages heat input and minimizes metal distortion whilst working on that section of metal.

TIG and Stick: This welder provides both processes from one unit, allowing you to use TIG when appearance is important and Stick when working with thicker metals or in an outdoor environment.

120/240V Plug Compatibility: This welder can be plugged into both 120V outlets and 240V outlets when the highest output amperage is needed.

Portable: This model weighs an impressive 46lb/21kg ensuring portability isn’t an issue. It’s easy to carry around with a metal bar running the length of the welder which makes carrying the unit easy.


Will this welder suit my needs?

The Square Wave 200 is a great machine as it can provide both welding processes from one power source. If you require a machine with a 200A TIG and 170A Stick output on 240V, this model is a perfect fit. As with all Lincoln machines this unit feels built to last, and has a near profesisonal specification without the price tag. It’s interface is simple too, quick and easy to get up and welding without any overcomplication – certainly a welcoming feature.

It’s a great unit and a pleasure to use, it’s also got a 1 year warranty backed my Lincoln for trouble free welding. The only complaint I’ve been able to discover is the free gas regulator isn’t good quality and is commonly known to fail. I haven’t found this personally but it’s worth knowing before purchasing. Aside from this I’m happy with the features, usability and price and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again.


What’s in the Box?

  • PTA-17 Series 150 Amp Air-cooled TIG Torch with Flexible Head and Ultra-Flex™ Cable Assembly with Torch Parts
  • Foot Amptrol™
  • Regulator/Flowmeter with Gas hose
  • Stick Electrode Holder
  • Ground Clamp
  • 120/230V Input Cords
  • Operator Manual



Lincoln have designed a fantastic machine, capable of TIG and Stick welding within one piece of equipment. A great range of features, high output amperage, compatibility with 120V and 240V, as well as a comprehensive warranty backed by a well known brand. Will last many years and is noticeably sturdy upon first use, all for a great price.