Arguably the market leader and a distinct brand within the welding community recognized by their blue colour scheme. With a wide selection of machines catering to DIY users, autmotive all the way to manufacturing. They even have equipment supporting multi million dollar mining operations in the Yukon.


They also have an active forum which contains a lot of useful information, and the ability to ask questions to staff/owners. Perhaps you’re not sure what wire to use or gas mixture, a large group of experienced users answering questions is an added bonus. Often an overlooked feature when purchasing new equipment, the aftermarket ecosystem can save you hours of frustration (speaking from experience!).


Another notable feature is their 3 year warranty providing assurance. Nothing worse than coming to your newly bought unit and find it doesn’t work, but knowing a repair or replacement is all covered for 3 years regardless of usage is great.

This warranty also covers labour, the only stipulation is servicing needs to be according to schedule and performed by an authorized distributor/servicing location. There are a lot of service centers which means servicing isn’t a huge hassle (you can find your nearest center here). The True Blue guarantee ensures warranty items will be shipped to your service/distributor within 24hrs for you to pick up. Convenient and fast which is a must have if you rely on your machine.


Millermatic Reviews

There are a large range of MIG machines on offer, ideal for tackling light to medium fabrication tasks with steel as well as production environments. Features such as Smooth Start and Autoset make setting up your machine much easier, and ensures it provides optimal performance. We have tested a number of millermatic models, which you can find here:

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TIG Welders

There are multiple types of TIG welders, most widely known to consumers is the Diversion and Syncrowave models. The Diversion is for home/shop environments, providing simple functionality in an all-in-one package.

The Syncrowave is geared towards garage/manufacturing, offering large output and duty cycles for demanding environments. The Syncrowave range has been around for over 40 years.

We have tested models from both ranges, which you can find here:

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Multimatic Range

The Multimatic range encompasses MIG, TIG and/or Sick processes within one machine. Giving you the versatility to work with multiple types of metals, within one machine. As these units are inverter welders, they’re portable whilst boasting a high output amperage. If you’re looking for an all-in-one model to futureproof your welding setup, an all-in-one model is a great choice.

We’ve got our hands on several models, which you can find below.

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