Millermatic 141 Review 2019

4.7 / 5 Reviewer
  • Infinite control of voltage is great for precise control of welder parameters.
  • Two handles for easy transportation of the unit.
  • Smooth start is a great feature, providing a splatter free start for cleaner welds.
  • Autoset makes setting up the welder simple and easy, reducing the barrier to use the welder.
  • Needs a seperate spool gun to weld Aluminium.
  • 5ft power cable is short.
Ease of Use


Product Overview

In this post we will look at all aspects of the 141, to see if it’s the right buy for you! This model is a MIG welder compatible with 120V Input voltage, boasting Millers fantastic Smooth Start technology to reduce splatter when starting. Another must have feature is Millers Auto-Set technology, which automatically sets the welders parameters ready to weld without the hassle.


Brand name: Miller
Height: 12.5 in.
Length: 20.5 in.
Width: 11.25 in.
Rated Output: 90 Amps at 18.5 VDC, 20% duty cycle
Input Voltage: 110V/115V/120V
Process Type: Flux Cored (FCAW), MIG (MGAW)
Product weight: 51lbs/23.13KG
Weld Thickness: Welds 24 gauge – 3/16 in. (0.8-4.8mm) mild steel
Wire Feed Speed Range: 15 IPM – 360 IPM (0.4 m/min – 9.1 m/min)
Welding Amperage Range: 30-140 A

Overview of Features

Smooth Start: Millers smooth start technology ensures the welder can be started without producing splatter, creating a stable arc ready for use instantly. A great feature which removes the initial setup which is time consuming, and at time frustrating.

Lightweight and Portable: Weighing an impressive 51lbs unboxed (23.13 kg), this unit is easily portable compared to similar models on the market. It measures 11.25 Inches in width, 12.5 Inches in height and 20.5 inches in length, ideal if needing to move between workplaces or storing. Thanks to inverter technology it makes this unit more compact and lightweight, whilst also being able to use a 10lb spool of wire. In addition to this, there’s a handle on top or at the front and back for easy transportation.

Autoset: Instead of having to manually set the voltage and wire feed speed, then having to test these settings on scrap material you can use the autoset feature to remove the guesswork. To use you need to select the wire diameter you plan to use (0.24″, 0.30″ and 0.35″), as well as the material thickness. You’ll see on the front of the welder the blue autoset light will illuminate, which requires you to select the process type – Flux-cored, MIG Stainless Steel, MIG Steel C25 (25% carbon shielding gas), MIG Steel C100 (100% carbon shielding gas) or MIG Aluminum. Finally you need to select the material thickness, and the autoset feature will setup the parameters for you perfectly.

Inverter: There are two types of welders on the market, inverter and transformer. Due to advances in technology the vast majority of welders on the market make use of inverters due to their increased energy efficiency, arc performance, arc stability and portability.

Quick Select Drive Roll: Featuring three grooves with one suitable for flux-cored wire, and two grooves for different sized solid wire. This makes switching wire simple and easy, and can be completed in a matter of seconds.

Auto Spool/MIG Gun Detect: When connecting a gun to this welder, it will automatically detect if it’s a MIG or Spool Gun and adjust accordingly. Reducing the need for user input, and remembering another setting to change.

Thermal Cut Out: When the welder reaches it’s maximum operating temperature, it will cut the arc and prevent you from continuing to weld. This is an automatic feature to protect the unit, and prolong it’s operating life.


Will this welder suit my needs?

Miller are a well known and respected name in the welding industry, providing high quality and long lasting welding machines. If you’re on the market for an extremely easy to use MIG welder, this model is a great fit. Although the output amperage is a maximum of 140 Amps, Miller do offer other welders within the Millermatic range such as XX and XX.

This model would be ideal for a beginner to welding, or someone who only requires casual use. The Auto-Set and smooth start make using this machine an absolute pleasure. Although on the expensive end of the pricing spectrum, it really makes using the welder a pleasure by removing the startup configuration. The general feel of quality and attention to detail makes the higher price tag justifiable.


What’s in the Box?

  • Welder
  • 6.5-ft. (2 m) power cord with plug
  • 10-ft. (3 m) M-100 MIG gun and cable assembly
  • 10-ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp
  • Argon and AR/CO2 mix flow gauge regulator with gas hose
  • Hobart® spool of .030-in. (0.8 mm) solid wire
  • Quick Select drive rolls for .024-in (0.6 mm) or .030/.035-in.
  • (0.8/0.9 mm) solid wire, and .030/.035-in. (0.8/0.9 mm) flux-cored wire
  • Two contact tips for .030-in. (0.8 mm) wire
  • Material thickness gauge (Part No. #229 895)
  • Hook-and-loop cord wraps
  • Owners Manual

Below is a great 7 minute unboxing video. More information on using the auto-set and smooth start features can be found in the video as well.



Add On Products

Ally spool gun

Ground Clamp

Miller Millermatic 141 with Cart



As with the rest of the Millermatics range, the 141 is a beautifully designed and built machine. Although on the lower end of the power output spectrum, and higher priced than equivalent welders, it really is a cut above the rest. Backed by a 3 year warranty adds to the package, especially by an industry leader like Miller.

If you may be expanding your welding projects in the future, it may be worth considering a model with a higher power output, or dual input voltage compatibility (120V and 220V). This is a great entry level welder, and I’d be surprised if you’re disappointed.