Miller Diversion 180 Review 2019

Product Overview

The Division 180 is a feature packed, fully equipped model from Miller. The general trend of Miller products is to lower the barrier to entry when welding, making their products perfect for beginners and casual users who don’t know every little detail about the material and equipment. This model is no exception as it’s easy to use, powerful and reliable.

Below we will run through the specification of this machine, brief explination of it’s features, where it’s best suited for, what it comes with, any extra peripherals (so there’s no surprises!) and any alternatives to consider.


17 in.
23.8 in.
9.8 in.
Welding Processes
Product Weight
Amperage Range
10-180 A
Input Voltage

Overview of Features

120/240V Plug Compatibility: This welder can be plugged into both 120V outlets and 240V outlets when the highest output amperage is needed. No need to worry about compatibility or extra equipment, just swap out the power connector using Millers tooless design.

Portable: This model weighs an impressive 50lb/[21kg] ensuring portability isn’t an issue. Portability is easy with two handles either end of the chassis, and the lightweight design thanks to inverter technology.

Fan on Demand: Instead of the fan running constantly, only when the temperature reaches a certain threshold will it activate. This feature reduces noise and energy consumption of the unit, with the extra benefit of less contaminants drawn through the unit. This increases the lifespan of your equipment, whilst slightly reducing running costs!

Inverter Based AC/DC Power Source: A more efficient and consistent source of power. Weighs considerably less which makes this unit extremely portable compared to traditional transformer welders. Inverters are more efficient which is important if you use the welder frequently.

High Frequency ARC Starting: This feature provides contactless start which reduces tungsten and material contamination, and makes initiating the arc much easier. With incorrectly set postflow you can use too much gas, or not shield the weld end zone resulting in a contaminated or deformed weld.

Auto Postflow: This model will automatically adjust the postflow depending on the set amperage, shielding the tungsten and eliminates the need to manually adjust the postflow. Therefore it will save you expensive shielding gas by automatically setting the most efficient parameters.

Easy to Understand Interface: The controls on the welder are extremely simple to use – requiring no guesswork. The digital display is a nice feature which gives you feedback to your actions when setting the welders parameters, and below this interface is a great material thickness/amperage chart.


Will this welder suit my needs?

If you’re on the market for an AC/DC TIG welder and require durability and lasting quality, this is a great choice. Perfect for commercial use as it’s compatible with both 120V and 240V, and boasts ease of portability weighing only 50lbs. As it makes use of inverter technology it can be powered by a generator, so work away from a mains power source is possible too.

It cannot weld materials thicker than 3/16 inch Steel or Aluminum on 240V input voltage. Therefore it’s better suited for individuals working with thinner materials such as auto body work. It’s duty cycle at maximum output is also lower than commonly seen in industrial units, however it has a considerably lower pricetag compared to units with higher duty cycles.


What’s in the Box?

According to Millers specification page

  • Regulator/flow gauge and gas hose
  • RFCS-RJ45 remote foot control (300432)
  • 8 ft. (2.4 m) primary cord with MVP™ plugs for 120 V (219261) and 240 V (219258)
  • 12.5 ft. (3.8 m) Weldcraft™ A-150 TIG torch
  • 12 ft. (3.7 m) work cable with clamp
  • Operator Manual


This TIG model is a great machine providing your working with materials that aren’t more than 3/16 inch in thickness. For the pricerange it has a great duty cycle, range of features and range of applications.

It’s especially useful for beginners/DIYers as many parameters are automatically set, lowering the barrier to welding. Overall I’d recommend this unit and have enjoyed using it – doesn’t disappoint and meets Millers build quality that you’d expect.