Millermatic 252 Review 2019

4.5 / 5 Reviewer
  • Infinite control of voltage is great for precise control of welder parameters.
  • On wheels so easy to move around, despite the weight
  • High output amperage to weld thicker metals in a single pass
  • 15ft range with the MIG gun, with the ability to change wire feed speed on the spool gun for less downtime when welding
  • Not a machine you can easily move between locations. It's suited towards a shop environment
  • Large MIG Gun can make thinner work more difficult.
Ease of Use


Product Overview

Below is our comprehensive review of the Millermatic 252. A versatile machine capable of 300A output amperage, allowing you to weld at higher output for longer. A great choice for industrial work with ready from 22 gauge to 1/2 inch steel in a single pass. The 252 has the highest output of all welders in the Millermatic range.



Brand name: Miller
Height: 30 in.
Length: 40 in.
Width: 19 in.
Rated Output: 300A MAX. 200 Amps @ 28 VDC, 60% duty cycle – 250 Amps @ 28 VDC, 40% duty cycle
Input Voltage: 220/230/240 V
Process Type: Flux Cored (FCAW), MIG (MGAW)
Product weight: 205lbs/92.98KG
Weld Thickness: Welds 22 gauge to 1/2 inch mild steel
Wire Feed Speed Range: 1.3 m/min – 17.8 m/min (50 IPM – 700 IPM)
Welding Amperage Range: 30 A – 300


Overview of Features

EZ-Change Low Cylinder Rack (May Be Sold Seperately): Change bottles by rolling them on or off the rack, attached to the back of the welder. Makes it easier to change bottles without having to lift up a full cylinder. Lower the rack so it’s level with the floor, slide on the bottle, raise the rack back up and secure the bottle to the welder. You can now wheel the welder and bottle around with ease.

15ft Gun Range: Work at longer distances with the M-25 gun which has a reach of 15ft. Work on larger pieces of material without repositioning your equipment.

Push-Pull Gun Direct Connect: Works with the Spoolmate 200 series spool gun, with wire feed controls on the gun. Allows you to be more productive by reducing unnecessary trips back to the welder. Also compatible with more industrial Spoolmatic 15A or 30A spool gun.

Consumable Compartment and Parameter Chart: A handy flip-down compartment which can store your consumables, keeping them clean and with your equipment ready at all times. A chart is also on the inside of the compartment, ensuring you set up the welder correctly first time, every time.

Angled, Dual-Gear Driven, Cast Aluminum Drive System: A tool-less changeable drive roll which is compatible with many wire diameters (Solid Steel 0.023 in 0.045 in, Solid Steel 0.6 mm 1.2 mm, Stainless 0.023 in 0.045 in, Stainless 0.6 mm 1.2 mm, Flux Cored 0.03 in 0.045 in, Flux Cored 0.8 mm 1.2 mm).


Will this welder suit my needs?

If you need extra amperage for thick materials, or higher duty cycles the Miller 252 is a good fit. The welder is great for heavy duty work/industry where high output amperage and duty cycle are needed. Not to mention Millers products are great quality, backed by a 3 year true blue warranty.

Suitable for welding Stainless Steel, Steel and Aluminum up to 1/2 Inch in thickness in one pass. The downsides of this welder is the weight. As it weighs 205lbs/92.98KG it’s not practical to move between jobs, although has the option for a cart for the welder and gas bottles. The ground clamp is flimsy and has a short range, which is a common complaint about this model. Some people feel the M-25 gun supplied with the welder is of poor quality – although in my experience I’ve found it works well.

If you’re looking for a welder for heavy work and need the output amperage, this is a great fit. Miller have given attention to detail when designing this welder, and it doesn’t disappoint.


What’s in the Box?

  • Welder
  • 10 ft (3 m) power cord and plug
  • 15 ft (4.6 m), 250 amp M-25 MIG gun for .030/.035 in wire
  • 10 ft (3 m) work/ground cable and clamp
  • Argon mix regulator/flow gauge and hose
  • Extra contact tips
  • Factory-installed running gear with EZ-Change™ Single Low Cylinder Rack (May be sold seperately)
  • .030/.035 in reversible drive rolls
  • Owners Manual


Unboxing Video

Here is a great unboxing and setup video demonstrating the features of the Millermatic 252.




A powerful and well built machine, suited towards industrial/heavy use. A great piece of equipment as usual from Miller. Although the most expensive out of the Millermatic range, it also has the highest capabilities ready to tackle any task needed.

Although the ground clamp and gun let the 252 down, don’t let this put you off such a great unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size breaker for Millermatic 252?

It’s maximum amperage requirements is 48A at 200V, so a 60A breaker should suffice. It’s recommended to get a qualified electricians advice before proceeding, as your requirements may differ from the advice given on this site and should be used as a guide only.


How to reset Millermatic 252?

To perform a reset, you need to access the timer menu of the machine. First turn off the welder using the power switch on the front of the machine.


Depress the MIG or Spool Gun trigger, and turn on the machine.  Now rotate the voltage knob counterclockwise until “RES” is displayed. The right hand side LCD should read “OFF”.


Turn the right knob clockwise until “ON” is displayed. Now depress the gun trigger which will perform a system reset.


Miller have a great demonstration of the process here: