Product Overview

In this article we will review the Syncrowave 210, which interestingly is a AC/DC TIG, MIG and Stick in one unit. It also has the unique feature of 5 amp TIG capability, allowing you to use this unit on extremely thin pieces of material. It’s also compatible with 120V and 240V, making this machine extremely versatile and a perfect choice if you work with a range of materials and thicknesses.


31.5 in.
43 in.
18.5 in.
120V Duty Cycle
35% @ 120A
240V Duty Cycle
10% @ 180A
Welding Processes
TIG AC (GTAW-AC), TIG DC (GTAW-DC), Aluminum Welding, MIG, Stick, Flux-Cored (FCAW)
Product Weight
Output Amperage
5-210 A

Overview of Features

120/240V Plug Compatibility: This welder can be plugged into both 120V outlets and 240V outlets when the highest output amperage is needed. No need to worry about compatibility or extra equipment, just swap out the power connector using Millers tooless design.

Fan on Demand: Instead of the fan running constantly, only when the temperature reaches a certain threshold will it activate. This feature reduces noise and energy consumption of the unit, with the extra benefit of less contaminants drawn through the unit. This increases the lifespan of your equipment, whilst slightly reducing running costs!

Inverter Based AC/DC Power Source: A more efficient and consistent source of power. Weighs considerably less which makes this unit extremely portable compared to traditional transformer welders. Inverters are more efficient which is important if you use the welder frequently.

Auto Postflow: This model will automatically adjust the postflow depending on the set amperage, shielding the tungsten and eliminates the need to manually adjust the postflow. Therefore it will save you expensive shielding gas by automatically setting the most efficient parameters.

Easy to Understand Interface: The controls on the welder are extremely simple to use – requiring no guesswork. The digital display is a nice feature which gives you feedback to your actions when setting the welders parameters, and below this interface is a great material thickness/amperage chart.

Autoset (MIG): Automatically sets your welding parameters to it’s optimal settings, to do this simply enter wire size, material thickness and shielding gas.

Built in gear: No need for an add-on cart, as this welder features an “EZ-Change” low cylinder rack and build in storage as standard with this model. Therefore you can keep your consumables and accessories organised, as well as easy transportation so you don’t forget anything for crucial projects.

Proset (TIG): Similar to the autoset feature, this eliminates the guesswork when setting up your welder. Provides speed, convenience and perfection with the preset controls. Simply select the feature and adjust until “proset” appears on the display.

Update and Expand: An uncommon feature in any welder reviews on this site is the ability to update this models software, and expand product features. You can find the latest updates here.

DIG (Stick): This feature will modify the arc characteristics for specific applications and electrodes. For example you would lower the DIG setting for smooth running electrodes such as the E7018 and increase the DIG settings for stiffer and higher penetration electrodes like E6010.


Will this welder suit my needs?

A great all rounder packing multiple welding processes into one unit, which will satisfy the vast majority of users. If you’re looking for portability, this unit weighs 144.5 lbs. (65.5 kg) making transportation difficult. I believe this unit is more suited for industrial/shop work where it won’t need to move long distances – it does have wheels so a shop/garage environment would be no issue.

In terms of output amperage and duty cycles, this model will weld a large range of materials/thicknesses with the bonus of multiple processes in one. If you frequently change between processes, it may be more cost effective to buy a multiprocess machine instead of multiple units.


What’s in the Box?

According to Millers specification page

  • 10 ft. (3 m) primary cord with MVP™ plugs for 120 V (219261) and 240 V (219258)
  • 12 ft. (3.8 m) Weldcraft™ A-150 TIG torch with Dinse style connector
  • 12 ft. (3.8 m) work cable with clamp and Dinse style connector
  • 12 ft. (3.8 m) stick electrode holder with Dinse style connector
  • RFCS-14 HD remote foot control
  • Regulator/flow gauge and gas hose
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • 4-Pin to 14-pin connector
  • Spoolmate™ 150 Series spool gun (#301 272)
  • Operator Manual


A well rounded and feature packed model, boasting millers true blue warranty as well. The greatest advantage of this unit is the multiple processes within one box with a nice bonus of welding Aluminum. For the price of three seperate units boasting the range of features, it would be difficult trying to beat this unit in terms of features and cost effectiveness.